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whats the best way to make myself stronger?

this probably sounds like a stupid question out of context. basically, i ve dealt with eating disorders all throughout my life. they have absolutely ruined me physically. though i m mostly recovered from the eating disorder mentality, my health is still extremely poor. i m 5 8 and under 90 lbs. i literally cannot exert myself in any way for more than a couple minutes without blacking out, vomiting my brains out, or both! its hellish. i ve been trying desperately to find a workout regimen that won t be too horribly taxing for me, but no matter what i do, i can t seem to find anything to build up endurance that doesn t make me throw up everywhere and cry for a full hour. i feel kind of pathetic for turning to the hellhole that is yahoo answers, but i need all the help i can get. any tips?

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    In all seriousness, you should discuss this with your doctor.  Your situation is not a normal one.  Clearly, you need to eat a diet of highly nutritions foods to help fuel your body and brain. That is probably the first step before you start exercising.

    If you have no muscle mass, it is going to take time. Again, you should work with a physical therapist that knows how to work with eating disorder patients because what is right for me is not necessarily right for your situation.

    One thing you can look at is yoga.  You might also just need to start by taking a walk.  Small, small steps.  Maybe today, you simply get up and down from a chair (works your quads) 5 times or you do a push up off of a counter  and walk around the block. That's it.  Don't tax your body.  Each day, with the guidance of your therapy team, you can add an other exercise or another repetition of that exercise, or go a little further.  

    Best of luck.

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  • 2 months ago

    Do coumpound lifts, the big four

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  • Imp
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    2 months ago

    Eat more gradually, if you eat half a cup of oatmeal for breakfast add a teaspoon extra each morning!

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  • Andy C
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    2 months ago

    You needn't feel pathetic for asking for help.   Despite the goings on of YA, some of us here are trying to help. 

    You will NEVER feel mentally healthy until AFTER you are physically healthy.   In fact,  mental health is derivative of physical health and they are really one and the same. 

    I assume that you are talking about anorexia.   I can't promise a cure, but quitting regular added sugars,  alcohol, trans fats and reducing corn-fed animal products to a minimum CURED my 25yo well-managed body dysmorphia. 

    If you wish to actually be healthy enough to get active,  you have to quit sugar on a regular basis. 

    There's NO way around that.   No compensation or balancing act; it must no longer be a part of your diet.

    Whole foods have sugars, but theirs are slowed down by the fiber in the foods.  This time allows for the liver to purge toxins.  

    Added sugars hit the liver 97% as bad as alcohol does, but everyone knows that alcohol is toxic.   Most DON'T know about sugar (more specifically fructose in sugar).

    Not likely even your doctor. 

    This is new science,  kid.  I don't know your age,  nor wish to be condescending.   I was dead wrong for 30 years.

    You sound like you have very little to lose.  Try it for a month and see (and feel) what happens. 

    Source(s): This isn't opinion, and it's hard to hear, but I think that it's your best bet. It was never your fault. "Fat Chance..." by Dr. Robert Lustig M.D.
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