Why do people get so offended when someone says sexuality is a choice?

Sigmund Freud actually had a theory that everyone is born with innate bisexuality (low libido and neutral feelings to both genders) and as the child develops the gay interest is usually blocked out by social influence. 

Children also don't know about sexuality/romance until they see it in the media and through their peers/authority figures and then mimic the behavior. If they had minimal social contact, they wouldn't even know those things existed.Humans are not animals. If these feelings are "natural" why do people choose to have sex?

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  • Sam
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    4 months ago
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    Freud is correct, everyone is bisexual to some degree. 

    Some people just can't bring themselves to accept that. 

    People get offended because of what society has taught them. 

    Edit:  @April.. nobody is 100% asexual.  But you could be 99.9% asexual ;)  People can live their whole lives being happy without sex.  But there will be that .01% in your life where you'll have a little urge, enough to think about sex with another person. . 

    Source(s): you take any two people and if they grew up as the only two people on the planet with NO EXTERAL INPUT BY SOCIETY, at some point they will have an urge to have consensual sex together, regardless of the equipment they were born with. It is caused by the natural drive to connect and bond to other humans. All primates have that drive and most other mammals I'm 99.9% gay by nature, meaning that if I was the only male on earth in the midst of a multitude of females, I could do my part to populate the planet, if their fighting over me didn't kill me. If you wonder what I mean, go watch a crowd of females lined up for a store to open for an advertised sale. They become wild animals when the door is opened. To be fair, there are also gay males who would become wild animals for a sale, especially if I was the sale item of a limited quantity.
  • 4 months ago

    Human Sexuality; that would be Homosexuality (Attraction to the same-sex), Heterosexuality (Attraction to the Opposite-Sex) and Bisexuality (Attraction to Both Genders) has been proven to be inborn. This was done in a case study of Identical Twins, when both twins where born and one happened to be gay the other twin had a seventy percent chance of also being gay. Proving that Human Sexuality deals with Hormones in the womb, pre-birth.

    Science trumps psychology

    Source(s): The thing about science is whether you believe it in or not, it's true.
  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    unless sigmund said every one was born asexual and every one is just ******* who ever they want then he was asserting that babies have a sexual oreiantation they don't

    plus sexuality has been proven to change dureing strokes and thus is in the brain 

    ie it is not a choice it is hard wired into you 

    and yes humans are animals we are a genus of ape

  • 4 months ago

    I have a theory that the majority of people are born bisexual. Homosexuality and heterosexuality is the minority. As so many bisexuals choose to not explore the same sex desires, many of them just assume everyone is the same. Its this private choice and failure to publicly announce it that projects an image that the majority are heterosexual.

    I at no time made a choice to be with men or to not be with women.

    Therefore I was not ever bisexual. Just homosexual.

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  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    As a 17 year old gay guy I don’t get offended by it because I know the person simply does not know what the hell they’re talking about... I know that I’ve liked guys the same age as me i was since I was 9 or 10 so I don’t see what i chose there, no nothing traumatic happened i was raised like any other kid. I have tried to like girls, I even kissed one recently and didn’t like it. I know what goes on in my head, these people don’t, so I don’t listen to them. People talk about preying or prisons but that does not do anything most gays are born that way no prison involved.. and preying.. really? People try it and it does nothing. Bottom line is.. if you aren’t gay then you don’t know what it’s like. The best way to say it is if you’re into the opposite sex did you have to force it or did the feelings just happen? Well whether you think it’s natural or not it happens with the same sex to for a few people too. I don’t listen to those gay naysayers who think it’s a choice...  I know from my experiences they’re very wrong.

  • Sky
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    4 months ago

    Sigmund Freud is the the end-all be-all of psychology.  A great deal has been discovered about sexuality and gender identity since he was alive.  Masters & Johnson did a great deal of research into sexuality long after Freud died, and they're just one example.  It has long been determined that sexuality, ie. sexual orientation, is not a choice and instead is an inborn trait.  Brain scans have shown a distinct physical difference in the hypothalamus between homosexual and heterosexual individuals.  You don't choose how your brain is wired.

    What is a choice is actions:  the choice of who you actually have sex with, the choice of whether or not to come out and be open about your orientation and/or gender identity, etc.  I never chose any part of my sexual orientation; the feelings of attraction emerged entirely on their own.  The sexual activities I've experienced, and who I've experienced them with when another individual was involved, were choices that I actively made.  And I never chose my gender identity; I am who I am on the inside and I'm happy with the gender I know myself to be (which happens to match my physical sex).  And it's the same for everyone else regardless of their particular sexual orientation or gender identity.

    We are not all born innately bisexual.  I certainly never felt any attraction for guys, and instead only ever felt attraction for girls even from the youngest age.  Sure, I've experienced sexual activity with a guy friend (a choice we made to see what it's like), and despite it being a lot of fun that never changed my lack of attraction for him or other guys.  Yes, children do learn a lot from observing the adults in their lives, but it is still a natural instinct to feel attraction for mateship with another individual.  You are dead wrong to say humans are not animals.  Humans very much ARE animals, a species of higher order primate most closely related to chimps and bonobos.  The other choices for life forms are plants and protists (microorganisms) so if you want to consider yourself a plant, be my guest.

  • 4 months ago

    Because sexuality IS NOT a choice. Most people are born with their sexuality or sexual orientation. Children are smarter and more aware than you think, don't assume that children don't know or understand anything

  • .
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    4 months ago

    Not everyone is born with innate bisexuality. I am exclusively homosexual. Likewise, all straight men are exclusively heterosexual and have ZERO sexual interest in other men. 

  • Lauren
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    4 months ago

    Let's take your assumption and say it's true, that everyone is bisexual when they're born. And they grow up just learning from everyone that came before them. Where is the choice here? It still sounds like after all of this conditioning, ppl don't really have a choice; they just end up practicing what they're familiar with and not considering other options. 

    "If they had minimal social contact, they wouldn't even know those things existed.Humans are not animals. If these feelings are "natural" why do people choose to have sex?"

    Humans are in fact animals. And they would have sex even if they had never learned it from seeing it in media or authority figures because most of us have sexual instincts. Now, would a person who has been isolated from society and its current relationship towards sex necessarily develop the same customs? No. They might feel like sex is private or something reasonable to partake in publicly. They might have shame about sex or no shame. They might have polyamorous tendencies while in most Western cultures we value monogamy. Etc. 

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    They think that we will discriminated against them if its a choice. And they're right. People do discriminated if they think it's a choice. 

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