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Is my mom at high-risk for COVID-19?

My mother is in her upper 50s. She has exercise-induced asthma, so she only has problems with asthma when running or doing something active. If she were to get the virus, would she be at a high risk of dying compared to others? Please answer honestly, this is something I'm generally worried about.

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    Well, yes if she has lung issues, she'd possibly have a hard time if she got Covid 19.

    However, if she takes precautions and avoids interaction with others, wears her mask and washes her hands well or uses sanitizer after grocery shopping (for example), keeps her hands off of her face, then she will probably be ok and stay well.

    As far as the mask goes, it needs cleaned too. It can be sprayed down thoroughly with alcohol or washed with soap and water if it's a fabric one, then put into the dryer or hang it outside in the sunshine to dry.

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  • 1 month ago


    Your Mom's lungs are compromised already, and one of the biggest threats of the virus

    IS attacking the airways! If your Mom were to contract it, she runs the very serious risk

    of it being worse for her, to the point of being put on life support and potentially dying

    from it.

    Of course this just means potential, it doesn't mean she will 100% contract it, nor does it mean for sure if she gets it she will die, I want you to be aware of that. It just means

    she has a higher risk of complications than the general public.

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  • 1 month ago

    Maybe. But this risk is all over the map. Some hi risk people are recovering fine, other no-risk are severely impacted or dying even. There just is no way to predict. All she can do is try to minimize here risk--to any virus actually.

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  • kelvin
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    1 month ago

    no no she is not

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