Do I like my best friend? (Where both females)?

So I've been questioning my sexuality and my friend (who's lesbian) was talking about her crushes and previous ones and what not and for her previous crush I got quite jealous as I heard her talking about her and for the present one I didnt exactly get jealous but I though that her crush was just not good enough for her because my friend is (let's call her A) just so amazing and dosnt deserve (let's call the crush B) B because A is just so perfect I dont know how to explain it, and with all those online tests telling me to imagine being with her my heart starts to flutter. Also what has happened is she texted the whole group chat a picture of her crushes and my name was most previous (I still think it's a joke) and I've been known to get excited when something like that happens (think I like then when I really dont). Also i have found other women attractive but i dont know if its envy or if I actually like them.

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