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Bunny surgery ?

My bunny is gonna get spayed soon and they told me to leave plenty food and water in the carrier for her.

 My question is should I leave hay, couple pellets, lettuce and water in the carrier Or what?? Sounds dumb Ik but just wanted to make sure everything goes well...

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    I would just bring hay and pellets. 

    Do not fast the rabbit for 12 hours. The reason people and some animals fast before surgery is so they don't throw up. Rabbits cannot throw up and fasting them can lead to other problems. Rabbits need food constantly moving through their system. 

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    4 months ago

    If she is having the operation, she should not eat before, otherwise she may be sick, i had rabbits spayed and the vet told me no food for 12 hours! check again with the vet.

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    Are vets getting so cheap now u have to send them off with food/water? Put stuff in a plastic container and some water in a plastic container.

  • Jack H
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    4 months ago

    Ask the vet........

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