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What should I do?

I have had a UTI for a month exactly and it has yet to show any symptoms. The only way I found out about it was from a urine test I got for a regular check up. It hasn’t caused me any trouble but I did take antibiotics for it and it didn’t leave. They did a culture and it came back negative but I still did have blood traces and WBC in my urine. I have scheduled an appointment to see a urologist but they are all booked up for about another week. Last night when I went to pee I saw the slightest amount of blood in my urine, so faint it was almost not there. I have peed since then and no more blood has be seen. I haven’t experienced any pain from it but because of the severe health anxiety I live with, I am getting scared that this UTI could be getting worse and I not even know about it. My mind is also starting to trick me into feeling things. I have also become constipated but I don’t know if these 2 things correlate. Would it be safe to wait another week until I make it to the urologist since there are no symptoms? I am just trying to avoid making another trip to an urgent care. And what can I do in the meantime to try and fight the infection? My anxiety over this is through the roof because I don’t have symptoms to know if it’s getting worse or not. Please help! 

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    Monitor your temperature morning and evening.  A fever is the warning sign you need to look for.   Fevers develop when the infections spreads from the bladder to the kidneys or if the bladder infection becomes severe.   You are in no immediate danger as long as your temperature is normal.   But if you have a fever its time to promptly go to urgent care. 

    You would know to go to an ER before sepsis developed.  You would feel extremely sick in the hours or days leading up to sepsis.   

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    Obviously you need to see the urologist soon but I can tell you they will want to put a camera into your bladder to find out what the problem is and do scans - over a year ago I had uti and only symptoms was peeing more often with slight burning sensation and it turned out to be sepsis and kidney stones which I had surgery for removal of stones. Past 2 weeks I have had another uti and antibiotics are not clearing it up. Good Luck

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      isn’t sepsis serious? Did you not feel any symptoms for that because that’s my biggest fear right now, is getting sepsis. I have an appointment to see the urologist in 2 days. Also, did they have to put you to sleep to do your bladder examination? Sorry, just curious.

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    The culture showed that you don't have an infection and so you will have to back away from "I had a UTI for a month". You have never had a confirmed UTI, not from symptoms nor from laboratory testing. 

    You will have to wait and see a urologist to determine the nature of abnormalities seen on the urinalysis. The differential diagnosis involves blood in the urine which would be more specific than the white cells found in small numbers. Gastrointestinal symptoms can cause mild elevations in white blood cells in urine. 

    Since you have no symptoms there is no urgency in diagnosis. UTI's are defined clinically and you don't have any symptoms. 

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      You stated you have never had symptoms. The culture was negative. You are being referred because you have no UTI. You are not on antibiotics right now because you have no UTI 

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    You need common sense not urgent care. Your bladder is most probably inflamed not infected. This will settle down, you must drink lots of water, a glass every hour,  this is also most probably why you are constipated.

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    There's a solution to fix the problem. It's called "water".

    You don't drink enough water to flush out the metabolic waste. Dehydration is also evident in you're being constipated.

    Water has a boatload of functions in the body (did you like "boatload"? I thought it to be an appropriate term to connect with water...😁). Two of those functions pertaining to your case is, it flushes out toxic metabolic waste from the cells and transports it to the kidneys for disposal (not happening in your case).

    It also acts as a lubricant. It's because of water that the waste is disposed of and the joints move.

    Water is also the controlling factor for many other issues of the body such as blood pressure, cholesterol, asthma, and many more.

    Water is lost from the body every day, and it has to be replaced. When you fail to do so, you get into trouble.

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    None of us are medical experts. And if we were, we have no way of examining you or knowing your medical history, etc. So you need to address this question to your regular doctor or the urologist. Call their offices and let them know what you are seeing. If they think it is serious they will find a way to get you in quickly. If they do not believe it is serious they should be able to assure you that it is safe for you wait a week for your appointment.

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