Should I get a free degree in something I don't like or should I pay for one that is more in line with my interests?

I want to be a Marriage and Family Therapist. This has been my dream ever since I can remember. The district I work in is offering a free bachelors degree in early childhood education ( I do not like teaching at all!). I applied for the program and got accepted. However, the school offering the free degree is very large and it's taking them 4 weeks to evaluate my transcripts, so I don't know how long this program will take me. The school has already signed me up for classes but I'm scared because their online program is brand new and neither the school or the students know what to expect. Also, their graduation rate is 18%.


Debt is a HUGE factor for me. We have made bad financial decisions when it comes student loans, and I REALLY don't want anymore debt id it's not necessary.

 My job at the school district right now is in the after school program as an assistant. I'm making VERY little money and I want to try to pursue my dreams. I graduated with an A.A in 2017 and I recently found a great school with a much higher graduation rate that will transfer 83 of my units and apply them towards my bachelors degree in Child Psychology. I should finish in a year and it will cost me under $12,000. I still have to get my Master's so I know debt is inevitable, but I want to do the smart thing financially from now on. Both degrees will get me into the masters program.

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  • Amy
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    1 month ago
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    Given that both degrees will get you into the same Masters program and thus into the same career, you wouldn't get any long-term benefit for your $12,000. 

    Instead you'd be paying for (a) classes that you might be more interested in, and (b) a program with better support for online learning. 

    If you think those factors will be the difference between you graduating or not, then it's worth the money.

    • jaja1 month agoReport

      That makes so much sense. What good does it do me to take classes in something I'm not interested in? All this will do is make that year feel longer and probably discourage me from graduating. Thank you!

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