If you have applecare+ would you still use tempered glass and case with your iphone?

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  • 1 month ago


    I haven’t used screen protectors on any iPhone since they started using scratch-resistant glass a few years ago. 

    My phones go into my pocket with an open-faced case and despite being in contact with coins and keys they have NEVER suffered scratches or other damage.

    That’s just my choice. If I was the type of person who prefers screen protectors then even with AppleCare+ I’d still use them as that insurance only covers two screen replacements. And each time I could be without my phone for a week or so.

    The cost of AppleCare+ would easily pay for a genuine Apple screen replacement by an authorised repair centre and leave plenty of spare change. It would also more than cover the cost of accidental breakage AND theft/loss insurance provided by traditional insurers. Even with the excess (US=deductible) charged for each repair with those schemes I’d still save money compared to AppleCare+.

    I just buy a decent case, replace it when necessary, and don’t bother with AppleCare+ nor with insurance. If my phone ever gets damaged or lost I’ll just swallow the cost and buy a new or really good used replacement. It works for me: I’ve only ever lost one phone since getting my first mobile in 1995, and that was in 2004. I’ve never yet broken a phone.

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