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When will Apple redesign iOS again?

Sure they have added features since their last major redesign with iOS 7, but the look is still pretty much the same and getting boring.

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    Most phone updates are like a Las Vegas buffet - 200 items, it if which you take a dozen, use 8, and let four just sit there.  You take a second turn around the buffet - they are bringing new stuff out!!! - and maybe just take coffe and a mint.  Do not know what you expect - but a phone is not a magic cure for a dull life or a bad attitude.  Neither is Las Vegas.

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  • 1 month ago

    There have been incremental minor changes to the appearance of iOS, but why change what works? 

    Some iOS changes like allowing animated wallpapers, dark mode, True Tone and Night Shift are all things I chose to turn off. They add nothing useful for me and just use battery power.There have been far more significant functional changes though, and those are always driven by need and by demand.It’s a bit like the old joke about two guys in the shower, and one has a big weiner: do you want one that looks good or one which works well?I prefer what works. I don’t want to have to re-learn everything for no good reason every now and then, unlike my wife who has to learn some radically different variants of Android every time she changes her phone and occasionally when there has been a major OS revision on a phone she already owns.

    When I want to use my iPhone for entertainment I’ll do that by watching or listening to content, or by playing games. Not by just farting around with silly superficial iOS tricks.

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