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I have slightly raised bumps on my skin. What could it be?

Over the course of 6 days I have noticed three bumps appear so far.

One on the loose skin of my right eye lid, one on my forehead above my other eye, and one on the back of my head just above where my skull and neck meet.

They aren't hard or large. They are lightly raised patches of skin. The one on my eye lid is the size of a grain of rice, and the other two are a bit smaller then a dime.

They don't hurt, itch, or burn. They haven't gotten any bigger since first noticing them.

But I'm wondering why three of whatever these are suddenly showed up and worried more might pop up as the days go on.

I'm I have no allergies I'm aware of and haven't taken any medications. I haven't eaten or drank any new foods, changed the detergent or softener I use. Or changed the soap, shampoo or conditioner I use.

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