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Describe the main causes of World War II. Provide TWO - THREE specific reasons.?

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    Inability of the British to listen to the Soviet plan for peace in the area.The Franco,Soviet,British alliance,of which the British wouldn't hear speak of.

    Inability of the Polish to listen to Germany's arguments regarding a corridor to Danzig.

    In fact the Poles wouldn't negotiate with anyone, at all .

    And the stupidity of the British giving the Poles carte blanche to start a conflict with Germany. 

    And when it went bang,the Brits made it escalate by declaring war which later also lead to the involving their empire and in doing so made it global.

    The Dominions had no control over the foreign-policies of the British empire.Empire-foreign-policy was the prerogative of the British government and that's were it stopped.

    The Dominions were part of the British empire and were therefore subject to its foreign-policies,foreign-policies that were formulate in London.

    Britain's foreign policy was to declare war on Germany and that policy would be the policy of the Dominions.Of course the Dominions had heir parliamentary debates but, the result of the debate was already determined by British foreign policy.At that was to declare war on Germany.

    One very tricky declaration of war, was that of South Africa's. Their declaring of war on Germany, was very unpopular with the South African population.South African troop were one of the first to fight against the Italians in North Africa but, when it came to engaging German troop they couldn't be trusted, they just paid lip service.

    Hope his helps

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    Do your own homework.

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    Pick two trolls and explain why they are total idiots.

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    Germany Invaded Poland Knowing France and the UK had a defence pact with  Poland

    the UK declared war on Germany because Germany refused to leave Poland if Germany had left Poland any time before Churchill demanded Unconditional surrender there would have been no further war

    Germany needed Poland to attack the USSR and the Communists

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      the British never forced any dominion in the empire to do anything they all Volunteered

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    The British empire.

    Prior to the conflict between Poland and Germany there was no possibility of a world war.

    However, when the British declared war on Germany they also brought the British dominions into the conflict they were obliged to followed British foreign policy so they also declaring war on Germany.

    British controlled empire states like India,Jamaica and a host of others covering a great deal of the world were part and parcel of the British declaration of war.

    No hearing that Churchill had take the post of minister for the admiralty,Hitler exclaimed "There's going to be a world war" 

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    There was only one.  Empire Building

    Germany wanted to carve out Lebensraum in Russia

    The Italans wanted to make a new Roman Empire out of the Meditteranean and Africa

    The Japanese looked around, say the dutch ruling, americans, british and though if anyone should be ruling asians - it should be asians; they wanted their "Great East Asian CoProsperity Sphere in the Pacific and invaded China

    [and the Russians wanted Finland - Winter War 1939]

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       was part of the former Russian empire and the Soviet and the Fins were good friends.The Soviets didn't occupy Finland. however, they were made to pay reparations to the Soviet who used the money on infrastructure project in Finland.

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