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Why do some men want women to be mentally sick?

Some men put unrealistic beauty standards for women such as being very skinny, nice boobz and good face. These expectations of men from women make women vulnerable to anorexia and low self-esteem. There are a lot of women who die of anorexia and have body dysmorphia for many years.

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    First off, anorexia is a control issue and not one of vanity. I've long since recovered from this but acquired it originally from the pressure of a sport I was involved in as a teen. Nothing to do with men or vanity expectation. You need to separate real EDs from just the neuroses and severe dieting some women do voluntarily to meet certain fashion edicts. You're right to some degree that most of the major fashion houses that decide what "this season's body" looks like are men (gay men to be specific). But outside of the rag trade most guys don't want a stick figure and would rather have a healthier looking mate. The big boob thing IS often an unrealistic thing some guys demand. Thankfully it's become relatively safe to undergo breast augmentation, even though unless it's for your career that should probably be avoided too. If you go over to the incel sites you'll see a lot go guys there undergoing all kinds of surgery to "looksmax" themselves in the hope of attracting women. So this isn't really all that gender specific anymore.

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    It's not because of men but because of what's in their own minds; they fool themselves.

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    SOME men like to be "in charge" in the "relationship".

    Some companies manipulate women so they will buy more products

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    The same can be said about women's expectations for men. Women expect men to be tall, muscular and rich. Men suffer more from low self esteem, depression, and suicide than women do. 

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  • 4 months ago

    "Why do some men want women to be mentally sick?"

    Are women mentally incapable of living beyond the expectations of others to the point where we need to place them back into dependency on the state by controlling men's behaviours??  Or are they empowered and liberated human beings that can deal with "men's expectations" or anybody else's, and live a non-mentally sick functioning life of their own volition?

    I know what *your* answer is, but I doubt it jibes with the majority of the rest of the women out there.


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    This unhealthy way of living is what women do without any help from males. They walk into makeup shops, tanning shops, hairstylists, all completely unaided and unaccompanied, in the hope of catching a man. Once they have a man, they continue with this behaviour to attract other men but now, they use the wallet of the man they caught to pay for it. If you must cover your face with sh!t each day like Coco the fecking clown, don't blame us

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    Nobody is placing pressure on you in paticular to be skinny, have nice breats and pretty face.

    If you don't like it than ignore it, move on with your life.

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    So... Men have to pretend they find a woman attractive who they do not, otherwise it's our fault if she goes craycray and hurts herself?

    Does that mean if women reject men with bald spots or paunches, it's women's fault if those men flip out and hurt themselves? If I use _your_ standards, it's perfectly acceptable for me to ask, "Why do some women want men to be mentally sick?"

    This is even less intelligent than the usual low standard in this section.

    You're not _ENTITLED_ to someone finding you attractive. The best you can reasonably expect is that someone not be gratuitously rude about rejecting you. That's it.

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    Women who listen have low self esteem to begin with, I have never felt pressured to look a certain way to please men.

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