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Covid19 California Return to Work (High Risk)?

I work in a hospital in California and I've been out of work for almost 2 months because I have severe asthma and I am considered high risk for covid19. My doctor has been giving me monthly notes to remove me from work , so ive been claiming disability. 

Now, my doctor says its up to my employer to decide if I return to work or not, and if I do, they must follow CDC guidelines. 

My department already announced that we can't follow CDC guidelines because there are too many employees. 

So HR is telling me that my only options are: A) come in to work and risk getting the disease, or B) take personal leave with no pay. 

I have bills that need to be paid so now I feel like im forced to risk my own health to go in to work because thats what they want. 

Again, I live in California and work at a hospital that's been treating a huge amount of covid19 patients. If anyone has any idea of what else I could do, I could use the help, please..

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  • 4 months ago

    Get unemployment insurance.if u have a underlying condition or just find another job that’s involves less people.

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    You would be risking your life if you go back to work. I recommend you get tested, for the coronavirus, but at a different hospital. Preferably a hospital that doesn't have any coronavirus patients, or they are moved to one side of the hospital, and you could go to the other side. If you go to another hospital then I recommend you wear a face mask just in case if you are already infected, and, so you don't give the virus to someone else.

    I got tested, for the coronavirus, and my results were negative, so I don't have the virus.

    I suggest you go to school, so you can learn how to do something else instead of working at a hospital.

    I work remotely, so I don't have to be near other people when I work. I can be alone when I work, and I can work almost anywhere I want.

    I make websites, for a living, so I don't have to be near another human being, or people. Yes, I could work with other people side by side, but I think I would still end up working remotely even if I was with other people side by side, so I don't think it matters where I work.

  • 4 months ago

    Take the leave, start looking for another job and apply for unemployment. Tell EDD you had good reason and that it wasn't a voluntary quit because of the health danger at that particular employer, but that you were able and available to work at employers that were following CDC guidelines.

  • Judy
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    4 months ago

    check into unemployment.  There are some special rules right now that make some high risk people eligible.  good luck.

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  • Eva
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    4 months ago

    See if you qualify for relief under FFCRA. Depending on the size of the company, they may be required to continue to pay you sick leave and perhaps they should have been doing that all along rather than you going on disability.

  • 4 months ago

    Option B & C:

    option B - take personal leave from work with no pay

    option C - apply for pandemic unemployment (you do this on the EDD website like regular unemployment) which will pay you unemployment since you are unable to work.  Until July 25, you will receive an extra $600; the program ends Dec 31, 2020.

    Remember - your job does not need to be help for you.

    We don't know your job and what the specific situation is at work.  Is it an office job that even though the hospital won't "guarantee" social distancing that you will still likely be able to social distance?

  • Mark
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    4 months ago

    Right...  If you have symptoms going to work, I am sure they will have "sick leave"...  In other words, I don't believe you.

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