Why are conservative republicans so happy to dance for peanuts well the top 1 percent makes 500x more doing zilch well paying no taxes?

Conservative Republicans would rather kill themselves working for a dime than realize well they're wasting their bodies the top 1 percent is making 500x than him doing zilch and pays zero taxes.

How does it feel realizing Donald J. Trump never worked a day in his life and hasn't paid taxes in 14 years yet makes 500x more than you?

How does it feel realizing Amazon CEO is about to become a trillionaire yet pays no taxes well 33 million Americans are unemployed?

How does it feel that well you whine about taxes when millionaires/billionaires do pay taxes they get a $1,600,000 tax break?


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  • Matt
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    1 month ago
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    You probably meant to say "while" instead of "well".

    • You know I'll be honest, I reread this thinking 'that doesn't look right' but figured I was mistaken.

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