What are your favorites death metal albums of the 2000's?(2000-2009)?

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  • 3 months ago
    Favourite answer

    Rapture - Futile

    Opeth - Blackwater Park (Yes that was Death Metal, player haters!! STFU)

    Neuraxis - Trilateral Progression

    Dark Tranquillity - Damage Done

    Emperor - Prometheus: A Discipline Of FIre And Demise

    Morbid Angel - Gateways To Annihilation

    Muslimgauze - The Rape Of Palestine

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    How many times do you plan to ask this same question?

  • 3 months ago

    I post a list where you can choose 

    insineratehymn DEICIDE 2000    

    follow the reaper CHILDREN OF BODOM 2000  

    close to a world below IMMOLATION 2000    

    haven DARK TRANQUILLITY 2000    

    envenomed MALEVOLENT CREATION 2000    

    the graveyards classics SIX FEET UNDER 2000  

    destroy the opposition DYING FETUS 2000  

    every nerve alive RITUAL CARNAGE 2000    

    thelema BEHEMOTH 2000    

    slaughtercult EXHUMED 2000    

    self mutilation NO RETURN 2000    

    homovore CATTLE DECAPITATION 2000    

    clayman IN FLAMES 2000    

    black seeds of vengeance NILE 2000    

    gateways to annihilation MORBID ANGEL 2000    

    my arms, your hearse OPETH 2000    

    winds of creation DECAPITATED 2000    

    litany VADER 2000    

    dawn of the apocalypse VITAL REMAINS 2000    

    uprising ENTOMBED 2000    

    engeneering the dead ABORTED 2001    

    the crusher AMON AMARTH 2001    

    enemy of the music business NAPALM DEATH 2001    

    wages of sin ARCH ENEMY 2001    

    honor valour pride BOLTHROWER 2001    

    terra incognita GOJIRA 2001    

    ageless venomous KRISIUN 2001    

    black water park OPETH 2001    

    immortal unholy Triumph NEPHASTH 2001    

    true carnage SIX FEET UNDER 2001    

    Morning star ENTOMBED 2002    

    will to kill MALEVOLENT CREATION 2002    

    in their darkened shrine NILE 2002    

    versus the world AMON AMARTH 2002  

    unholy cult IMMOLATION 2002    

    zos kia cultus BEHEMOTH 2002    

    machinery NO RETURN 2002    

    torment in hell DEICIDE 2002    

    resurrection through carnage BLOODBATH 2002    

    gore obsessed CANNIBAL CORPSE 2002    

    damage done DARK TRANQUILLITY 2002    

    nihility DECAPITATED 2002    

    reroute to remain IN FLAMES 2002    

    delivranceOPETH 2002    

    shadows and dust KATAKLYSM 2002    

    révélations VADER 2002    

    chaos kommand 696 IMPIETY 2002    

    to serve man CATTLE DECAPTATION 2002  

    order of the leech NAPALM DEATH 2002    

    blasphemy INCANTATION 2002    

    goremaggedon ABORTED 2003    

    unhallowed BLACK DAHLIA MURDER 2003    

    hatecrew deathroll CHILDREN OF BODOM 2003    

    anthems of rebellion ARCH ENEMY 2003    

    dechristianizeVITAL REMAINS 2003    

    inferno ENTOMBED 2003    

    works of carnage KRISIUN 2003    

    bringer of blood SIX FEET UNDER 2003    

    the link GOJIRA 2003    

    goat NUNSLAUGHTER 2003  

    sumerian daemons SEPTIC FLESH 2003    

    heretic MORBID ANGEL 2003    

    damnation OPETH 2003    

    fate of norns AMON AMARTH 2004    

    warkult MALEVOLENT CREATION 2004    

    demigod BEHEMOTH 2004    

    the arrival HYPOCRISY 2004   

    the wretched spawn CANNIBAL CORPSE 2004    

    the negation DECAPITATED 2004    

    scars of the crucifix DEICIDE 2004    

    conceived by inhuman blood NEPHASTH 2004    

    the graveyards classics II SIX FEET UNDER 2004    

    Paramount evil IMPIETY 2004    

    decimate christendom INCANTATION 2004    

    humanure CATTLE DECAPITATION 2004    

    character DARK TRANQUILLITY 2005    

    those once loyal BOLTHROWER 2005    

    harnessing ruins IMMOLATION 2005    

    the archaic abattoir ABORTED 2005    

    frozen in time OBITUARY 2005    

    stabbing the drawn SOILWORK 2005    

    the code is red long live the code NAPALM DEATH 2005    

    miasma BLACK DAHLIA MURDER 2005    

    doomsday machine ARCH ENEMY 2005    

    ghost reveries OPETH 2005    

    la muerte GOREFEST 2005    

    from mars to Sirius GOJIRA 2005    

    garbage days and rereguritated EXHUMED 2005    

    are you dead yet CHILDREN OF BODOM 2005    

    virus HYPOCRISY 2005    

    annihilation of the wicked NILE 2005    

    assassination KRISIUN 2006    

    stench of redemption DEICIDE 2006    

    come Clarity IN FLAMES 2006    

    organic hallucinosis DECAPITATED 2006    

    kill CANNIBAL CORPSE 2006    

    with oden on your side AMON AMARTH 2006    

    reinkaos DISSECTION 2006    

    smear Campaign NAPALM DEATH 2006    

    primordial domination INCANTATION 2006    

    no return NO RETURN 2006    

    deathreat AGRESSOR 2006    

    monotheist CELTIC FROST 2006   

    above the weeping world INSOMNIUM 2006    

    suffocation SUFFOCATION 2006    

    in the arms of devastation KATAKLYSM 2006    

    impressions in blood VADER 2006    

    the god that never was DISMEMBER 2006    

    mindvinterblot UNLEASHED 2006   

    hrimthursum NECROPHOBIC 2006    

    darker days ahead TERRORIZER 2006    

    karma bloody karma CATTLE DECAPITATION 2006    

    the apostasy BEHEMOTH 2007    

    icons of evil VITAL REMAINS 2007    

    ithyphallic NILE 2007    

    the dethalbum DETHKLOK 2007    

    rise of the tyrants ARCH ENEMY 2007    

    xecutioner's return OBITUARY 2007    

    shadows in the light IMMOLATION 2007    

    slaughter and apparatus ABORTED 2007    

    serpent saints ENTOMBED 2007    

    commandment SIX FEET UNDER 2007    

    war of attrition DYIG FETUS 2007    

    the cleansing SUICIDE SILENCE 2007    

    spiritual apocalypse MONSTROSITY 2007    

    rise to ruin GOREFEST 2007    

    fiction DARK TRANQUILLITY 2007    

    of lucifer and Lightning ANGEL CORPSE 2007    

    nocturnal BLACK DAHLIA MURDER 2007    

    sworn to a great divide SOILWORK 2007    

    doomsday x MALEVOLENT CREATION 2007    

    Twilight of the thunder god AMON AMARTH 2008    

    the way of all flesh GOJIRA 2008    

    sense of purpose IN FLAMES 2008    

    communion SEPTIC FLESH 2008    

    watershed OPETH 2008    

    dominion VIII GRAVE 2008    

    prevail KATAKLYSM 2008    

    blooddrunk CHILDREN OF BODOM 2008    

    till death do us apart DEICIDE    

    southern storm KRISIUN    

    traced in ait CYNIC 2008    

    Hammer battalion UNLEASHED 2008    

    bondage goat zombie BELPHEGOR 2008    

    death rituals SIX FEET UNDER 2008    

    ezkaton BEHEMOTH 2008    

    strychnine 213 ABORTED 2008    

    Harvest floor CATTLE DECAPITATION 2008    

    the fathomless mastery BLOODBATH 2008    

    manipulated mind NO RETURN 2008   

    dominator IMPIETY 2008    

    no time waits for slave NAPALM DEATH 2009   

    swarth PORTAL 2009   

    evisceration plague CANNIBAL CORPSE 2009    

    terroreign IMPIETY 2009    

    death to all NECROPHOBIC 2009    

    darkest day OBITUARY 2009    

    evangelion BEHEMOTH 2009    

    resurrection PESTILENCE 2009    

    blood oath SUFFOCATION 2009    

    skeletons in the closet CHILDREN OF BODOM 2009    

    for whom thos the gods detest NILE 2009    

    a taste of extreme divinity HYPOCRISY 2009    

    descend into dpravity DYING FETUS 2009    

    evolution through revolution BRUTAL TRUTH 2009    

    deflorate BLACK DAHLIA MURDER 2009    

    the roots of evil ARCH ENEMY 2009   

    cosmogenesis OBSCURA 2009 


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