What does this dream mean?

I dreamed I was at the gym watching a lady from church who was a professional gymnastics person do gymnastics in the gym

I was supposed to them with her

the problem was the gym was so small there was not enough room for me and them in the gym too

Eventually I left saying there was no room

Before this happened I looked at the dark lady who was the gymnast - in real life she is very very very pretty - in the dream I viewed her after no seeing her for a year and she was losing her beauty to me - she was no longer as pretty to me as she was when I first met her - I decided maybe my taste in beauty had changed - she seemed rigged and unfriendly and basic to me

Then I dreamed the cafeteria was serving different types of Mexican or Cheesy food - not healthy and not junk food either

The cafeteria was sectioned off into two sections the first half was closed and no longer giving out food

But the second half was still serving food

So I went there

Another strange thing is I entered the cafeteria from the front to grab food when everybody else was entering the cafeteria from the back

The food was free in my dream

Then I woke up

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  • Linda
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    1 month ago
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    I will do my best to interpret each dream. The dream about the gymnast lady from church represents your spiritual journey and you realize that not everything that you once thought was real within the church world, was authentic, but artificial. Many churches are for financial gain and you are seeing that now more than ever before. In the second dream where you were at the cafeteria and entered through the front door and the food was free where others were entering from the rear means that you you accepted Jesus as your savior and went through the narrow gate and realized salvation is free. All you have to do is accept it. The others are trying to find another way and want to buy their way into heaven. They are the ones lost and misguided. 

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