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Should I report this to CPS?

Last fall my daughter and her husband had a baby girl. We were all thrilled. Well ever since, she’s had severe postpartum depression, moments of psychosis, she sleepwalks, & she’s emotionally unstable. I went and stayed with them recently, and she didn’t even seem like my daughter. She once fell to the floor and just started screaming. There were times she acted childish and threw temper tantrums. She once dropped the baby while sleepwalking. That was a one time occurrence and the baby didn’t get hurt, but it scared me. It’s rare, but sometimes her husband has to remind her about showering, going to the bathroom, & eating or she won’t. They adore that baby. And she does take good care of her. I just think she needs more help with her mental health in order to be a good mom. Her husband is fine, but he can’t do everything alone. And his solution is to medicate her. She takes sleeping pills, antidepressants, ADHD meds, and now even smokes weed. In order for her to get the help she needs (whether it be a facility or different doctors or idk) should I report her to CPS? I know that’s a huge deal. If not, what can I do to help? 

I just want her to be more mentally and emotionally stable. And I don’t want my granddaughter to accidentally be harmed in the meantime

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    I think I would start by talking to the baby's father privately and really having a deep conversation about what's going on and how harmful it is for the whole family. If you and he are on the same page, then you can both talk to your daughter about her concerning behaviors and encourage her to get mental health support (a psychiatric prescriber, therapist, etc). If she and her husband both refuse to get her treatment for this disorder, then it would be appropriate for you to make a report to CPS. They will take that bit of burden off you and be the ones to decide if they make contact with the family or not. She needs some help, professional help, before she or someone else is hurt. 

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    Why would you report her to CPS?  That doesn't make sense. She's not being a neglectful mom on purpose, she's ill.  and if it's that bad, maybe they need to hire someone to come in and help with the child. 

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    Hell yes you better call CPS and get those kids outta there until she can get professional help.  Pills, weed and psychosis don't mix.  Act now or regret it forever.

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