what does it mean to lay next to someone on a bed that is a female from school and dislike somebody in my dream?


the boy is someone I dislike that called me a bunch of names however i said a lot of vulgar things to him

Update 2:

however, he was sleeping in another bed by himself, and he was yelling at me maybe he had sexual desire for her

Update 3:

to make it clear I was laying with the girl.

Update 4:

and he was mad that i was sleeping with her

Update 5:

I'm 14 by the way

2 Answers

  • 2 months ago

    Your dream shows you enjoy being with your girlfriend, and I think the guy in your dream is showing his jealousy.  You're right he was angry, but so are you.  Is there something special that you wanted us to know about your age?  Teens are rather sexually curious these days, but also in times past.  

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  • 2 months ago

    you have to think about what this woman represents to you - if she is proud - it means you are being too proud - if she is dishonest it means you are too dishonest and if she is ugly it means you are too unsavoury and unpleasant to others in your actions and words and if she is beautiful but has a bad personality it means something you desire and like comes with great sacrifice and its not worth getting 

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