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Am I causing him not to be able to sleep through the night?

My son is 14 months old and is still not sleeping through the night. He's always been like this, even when he was a few months old. I'm a single mom but I have the help of my parents to raise him. Every other day my parents and I switch and stay up with him at night and get him when he cries. Most  nights we wake up with him multiple times during the night and feed him and put him back in his crib. His room is upstairs and my room is downstairs (only two rooms available). When it's my parents night, they get him to sleep but when he cries, they take him downstairs, feed him, and put him back in his crib when he falls asleep. When it's my night, I'm so tired that when he wakes up in the middle of the night, I put him downstairs with me and he sleeps in my bed with me. I'm just too tired to walk up and down the stairs at night, so I just put him in bed with me so I can fall back to sleep quicker... By doing that, am I not helping him sleep through the night since my parents put him back in his crib when he falls back to sleep, and I just put him in bed with me? Even if it means a few restless nights, I'll break my habit and rock him/feed him back to sleep and put him in his crib if it'll help him be able to sleep through the night and that he'll be able to sleep in his crib all night without me having to put him in bed with me. My parents and I are just so tired and his sleep schedule is all screwed up. He won't fall asleep until at least 12am, sometimes later, never earlier...


...If I try to get him to sleep earlier, he either will refuse to fall asleep or he'll sleep but when I try to place him in his crib, he'll wake up instantly. He doesn't nap during the day as much as he used to (even then he didn't sleep for long). He sometimes takes naps early in the day (2pm) and sometimes he takes naps later at night (around 7 or 8pm). I can't get him to sleep on my own, he naps/sleeps when he wants to. I'm thinking about getting a rocking chair and when/if he wakes up..

Update 2:

...during the night, I could feed him and rock him in his rocking chair until he falls asleep, then I'll put him back in his crib...

So am I not helping things by putting him in bed with me when he cries and my parents put him back in his crib?

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    get him a plushie toy to hold at night. get him attached to it so he can hold onto it. some make a humming sound. and get a night light so it won't be totally dark in the room. 

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