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what fabric should I use to make a kings cape?

I'm new to cosplay and such but I have no idea what to get for fabric

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    Capes can take a lot of fabric to make. So you need to set a budget.  Silks and velvet will be too costly but would work well.  A Sateen or Satin will give you shine and drape well. Crepe or Crepe back satin.  Brocade, just not too heavy.

    A cotton gauze. That would be very light weight and sheer. Gabardine.

    It needs to have a nice drape to it. Un roll some fabric from the bolt and let it hang and move.  You dot. Want anything that is stiff or balloons out. Look for Something that hangs nice, give you folds.

      Velour would look a bit like velvet. Cheaper and comes in many colors. It has a very nice drape to it. Light weight, so you would get hot. 

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