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Why don't blacks riot against their own people killing each other?


I'm not talking about the few people killed by cops, I'm talking about the daily thuggery going on amongst themselves. 

Update 2:

As a white person, I don't care if cops kill our thugs.  

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  • 4 months ago

    This whole mess is the result of people on both sides that are not capable of letting go of the past.  They harbor preconceptions due to past events and then project those onto current events and it makes for a huge racial disparity in society. People judge others based on events and tend to generally categorize things into groups. This is called biasing. 

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    4 months ago

    There is no moral objectivity as far as that is concerned. The media pumps this narrative out to keep black people scared, and make it political. Honestly, if I were poor and the first thing I saw on my Google search terms was unarmed white man shot by police, I might get agitated as well. They are taking advantage of the fact that these people have nothing to lose so will do whatever the narrative insists. 

    The media is very devilish because it's very biased to the left. It has no fact checking nor does it acknowledge whites that are killed in the same fashion. And the very sad part is it's rich white liberal elite that have no common ground with these victims nor would they consort with the minorities they claim to be helping. I'm white myself, but I make no qualms with calling out these rich white devils that serve as nothing but to keep black people thinking they are unempowered and need this helping hand of rich people that don't see them as anything more than a statistic to get a vote. 

    It's very sad that they treat blacks like a rabid dog on a leash that can be manipulated. The media knows what it's doing and Obama knew what he was doing when he told police to stand down when cops were getting shot and people's businesses were getting burned and looted. They prepare racially divisive narratives the same way Hitler did to convince Germans to kill 6 million Jews. He had a snakes tongue. That's how he convinced all of Germany to go to war against literally the whole world. The more impoverished they are, the more the words will ring out in their ears like a resounding bell of the purge.

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    Once again, if any of you cared you'd know almost any area with issues of violence instigated by black people, there are outreach groups, events, drives dedicated to addressing issues that lead to those crimes. 

    The effectiveness of those groups is often curtailed by a lack of funding and support among other issues.

    Have you ever given a fück?? Say it with your wallets because peoples calls for assistance have  fallen on deaf and callous ears since forever.

    Source(s): Your support of the cops killing who you think is useless is telling.
  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    They do, actually, if they are cops. 

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  • 4 months ago

    Huh?  They do that every single day

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