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I have a question.  How does one get a green card?  My husband and I don’t live together yet.  I’m Australian, he’s American. Do I have to apply for a spouse visa and remain in Australia until it’s granted?  Is it true that I won’t be granted a green card unless I’m living with my husband and share a bank account with him first?  Neither of us need each other to live a good life.  I can’t afford to sponsor him in Australia, but he can afford to sponsor and support me; so we’ve decided on America.  

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    If you do not live together, nobody will believe that you are bona fide spouses.

    The US citizen spouse needs to file form I-130  to start the green card process. 

    Yes, you need to remain where you are until your spouse applies for your visa, and it is granted. Then you can travel to the US.

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    He applies to sponsor you for a spouse visa:

    Yes, you wait in Australia while the application is processed.

    Since you are not yet living with him in the USA the bits about things like having a joint bank account don't yet apply.  

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