Can you replace may be with shall be or will be?

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  • Edward
    Lv 6
    4 months ago

    it may be cold tomorrow  =  possibly

    it shall be cold tomorrow =  probably  (it has been decreed by someone)

    it will be cold tomorrow =  definitely

    so...... no, you can't

  • 4 months ago

    “Shall” is usually confused with “will” while the usage of “may” is often interchanged with “can.”. Both “shall” and “may” can be used as part of the question. In the same manner, both words can be included in the answer with “shall” or “may” in the question.

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    All are modal auxiliaries but there are apparent differences.

    "May be" implies permission, possibility,wishes, purpose, concession , "shall be" reflects futurity, willingness/intention, suggestion and finally "will be" implies willingness, intention, prediction, insistence,requests in questions.

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    You can in some instances. But you change the sense:

    It may be sunny tomorrow. It will be sunny tomorrow

    One is a possibility, another something of a certainty.

    If one offers professional advice for a living, may will

    be the better choice.

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  • 4 months ago

    Using "may" be vs "will" or "shall" be isn't the same meaning! For example, "You 𝙢𝙖𝙮 be the winner" doesn't say you are or will become the winner. But changing it to "You 𝙬𝙞𝙡𝙡 be the winner" says you will become the winner in the future. So the first one is merely the possibility of your winning. The second is your definitely becoming the winner, big difference!

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  • 4 months ago

    I agree with your correspondent 'Bill'. 

    However, I wold add that 'shall ' refers to the first person, and 'will' refers to the second person. . 


    'I shall be at the station. 

    'You will be at the station'. 

  • 4 months ago

    maybe, maybe not

  • 4 months ago

    That changes the meaning, but if a sentence had "may be," chances are it will still be grammatically correct if you substitute "shall be" or "will be."

    The bandanas may be green.  (Green is allowed.  Or, I'm taking a guess that they might be green.)

    The bandanas shall be green.  (This is a directive specifiying that they must be green.)

    The bandanas will be green.  (Just stating a fact.)

  • Bill
    Lv 6
    4 months ago


     shall and will are definitive  action verbs and maybe is not definitive

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