Theoretically could I live in the UK without a visa ?

Pretty simple question , I’m from the U.S and love the UK. I see you can visit for up to 6 months without a visa. Theoretically, could I live there, go home once every 5-6 months then just come back? ( Visa run)

 I’m sure I’d have to figure out things like banking & rentals etc ( I work remotely online ). But I feel like this should be fairly simple.  

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    No, potentially you are allowed 6 month in any 12 month period, so you would have to leave for 6 months before you potentially could return, it is offered visa free for US citizens for a holiday only and people do not get 6 months holiday every year and a holiday is not 'remote working'.

    You might be allowed 6 months the first time, but the second year you return you would likely be refused entry or given 2 weeks only

    Residential landlords legally could not rent to you as you would have to prove your income, have to prove you are legally living in the UK on the correct visa, or they will get heavily fined.......... you have no NIN, or residential address are not on the electoral roll so you will not be able to open a bank account.

    The UKs immigration laws are not like in  the US, employers/landlords are heavily fined if they break the law and statuatory agencies are all connected, so share data, so illegals ( as you would be) are easily tracked /traced and removed

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      So I grossly underestimated the process lol. Thanks for the insight !

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    Nope. Or at least, not really - you'd need to be out for at least 6 months in 12, and you may not be allowed to stay that long on arrival (or allowed back in)

    Also; you can't work in the UK as a tourist.  Landlords can't rent to you if you don't have the right to stay. 

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    i mean you could you'd be an illegal immagrent and would not be able to work due to no work visa but you techically could

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