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Husband is loving and perfect in all ways except the bedroom. Un reasinable requests of asking me to pretend I'm his mom feel worrying to me?

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    If anything is worrisome to you, like that, you have a responsibility to be honest and open with him. This means being able to express your concern, why it matters, and how it is affecting your relationship. With this honesty, perhaps the two of you can identify an alternative that will be responsive to you both.

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    Weird question asked by some "anonymous" user...

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    If you're uncomfortable about this stuff in the bedroom tell your husband. Our partners should never expect us to do anything we don't want to do. Hopefully, he's just asking, and not expecting.

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    Yeah, that IS weird.

    Did you see that coming when you married him?

    You are you, and he should love YOU. You shouldn't ever need to pretend to be anyone else. If he wants to have sex with his freaking mother, well, that's f**ed up.

    Explain that to him, and see what he says. Relationships never work without honesty.

    Say to him "I'm not your mother, and I'll never be your mother. If you're not into me, then I want to know now.

    Warning to everyone, never get married too early, give it a year to make sure any sick fetishes rise to the surface.

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