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Dad gossips too much and always dragging me into family drama.?

My parents divorced about 15 years ago and my dad went to jail due to domestic violence so he was not in my life growing up. Now I’m an adult and he act super clingy wanting to take me out to eat all the time and texting and calling me and when I can’t answer he calls me back to back in a row for no reason. He is getting on my last damn nerves. Then to add to it he still gossips about my mom and her family not only to me but other people as well and claims that he doesn’t “like them” but acts fake to their face and calls them and tells them everything. He acts like a girl and gossips too much and I’m getting too old to be following him around hanging out with him like a little girl , wish he would leave me alone or just chill a little. And he is being messy and adding my name into his senseless drama . Tips on how to do with this?

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    change your phone number or block his number. Move to a new location. Tell your relatives  what he says about them. Tell everyone that when he mentions your name in his drama,, that you are not involved and know nothing about what he is saying so do not ask me about it. He needs counsling and if you are around him any longer, you will also

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    i would just be thankful you still have your dad around, wish i did

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    Sounds like you're talking about your mom. Thats gotta suck having 2 mothers. To be honest though I bet you often think of how hot that 3way would go. A daughter and 2 mothers 🥴🤤

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    When you say you're an adult, this is kind of vague.  Does it mean you're living on your own and independent? If so, most of this is on you!  If you don't want to talk to him, block his number.  If you want no contact, get a restraining order. 

    If you're still living at home, regardless of age, where is your mom?  She's the one who should be dealing with this.  If she won't, move out. 

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