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What is the point in me losing weight if I might still be ugly ?

I had to literally starve myself to lose 40 pounds in 3 months back in 2013 and now I have gained it all back. I weigh 210 at 5 foot 2 with a 46ddd bra size. I gained all the weight back plus an extra 35 pounds. I have blue eyes, pale skin, brown hair, oval shaped face, wear glasses, and feel ugly but I am an emotional eater. I have always been the ugly one. I have had weight issues since I was about 12. 

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    You have a serious problem with your thinking. From your description, you don't sound ugly. You state that you feel ugly. That is not the same thing at all. Plus you say that you are an emotional eater. That is a thing going on inside your head as well. If you really want to make some changes that will matter in your life I suggest that you either get some counseling or buy a self-help book and start doing something about your problematic mindset. The only reason that I even suggested a self-help book is that I expect you'll have some good (in your mind anyway) reason why you can't get help through counseling. Something is better than nothing though.

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    The other guys' answers are good; but you should lose weight for your own health.  Obesity brings on heart problems, vascular issues, and general unhealthiness that will cut your life short.

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    You'd be surprised what a difference it can make   

    Have you considered contacts

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  • What David B said and for health reasons. Btw, you sound exactly how I imagine a certain user here, but you dont write like her.

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