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Is a Blazer with a tailored sheath dress business casual or business formal?

I'm a vocational school student (just reached my 30s and look very young for my age, so it's a school for older people who wish to complete their studies) who sometimes like to dress up in a more tailored "neat" way similar to business/smart casual, so I don't have a lifestyle that require corporate attire (and where I live, we don't even have dress codes).

While I know a matching blazer with dress-pants is business formal, but would a wearing a blazer with a tailored dress looks overly-formal even when you wear polished leather flats and a tote bag?

I cannot wear skinny or high heels and

usually I wear a cardigan and tall boots with the dress in the pic below.

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    It looks more formal, however it will look really pretty with that dress. It can pass for Casual.

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