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Why George W. Bush Once The Managing General Partner Of The Ownership Of The Texas Rangers Baseball Club Since He Bought In 1989?

And He Sold His Damn Stake On Rangers Baseball In 1998 (Same Year Arlington, Texas Native Or Depending Actress For Real Madison Michelle Pettis Was Born) And Yep True Story


When George W. Bush Left His Position In 1994 To Become Texas State Governor And Yeah Yeah Yeah When George W. Bush Becoming U.S. President In 2000 His Baseball Ownership History Is Secured Right Weasel McWeasel? 

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    Presidential candidates , hoping to be president are suppose to divest themselves of any business interests to avoid any possible conflicts of interest. 

    Of course, we all know that TRUMP flat out ignored that rule,   is in blazing violation of the Emoluments clause and the 1964 Nepotism laws,  but of course, cons  don't like to acknowledge any of that. 

    His DC hotel is basically a money laundering scheme......as the WP proved that foreign entities were "renting" entire FLOORS of the hotel,  that then remained  EMPTY.........but of course, Trump kept the cash......and claimed it wasn't his fault is  people make deposits and then never used the rooms. 

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