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Has any of you beat an anxiety disorder and if so, can you give me advice on how to beat this debilitating severe anxiety I have?

Hello, i am a 34 old male who has never previously had any health problems. I work full time to support my family of 2 kids and my wife who also works.

In December, just after Christmas my wife told me she doesn't love me anymore. I had to call the ambulance a few days later due to my chest hurting and feeling tight and i felt i was going to callapse. So, it seems i had really high blood pressure and a high pulse rate only to be told that I have an anxiety disorder prescibed some Proponalol for a week to treat it.

The next 2 months were really hard, constantly worried i would lose her and had these "panic attacks" once a week from 10-60 minutes. We worked through our issues, i didnt realise i never showed her love anymore and we're happier now and should be easier after lockdown.

So, i had another A&E visit because i didn't believe them In early March because I am finding it hard to believe this all day chest tighteness sensations and random dull pains are the work of my mind. They told me the same thing, nothing is wrong it even affects my appetite regularly and this is me, the guy who eats everything.

I am just so tired, once a week or so i wake up with the symptoms but the anxiety itself isn't there and sometimes I cry because I feel like it's gone and I feel like I am human again. They want to put me on peroxatine but I want to do this naturally to reduce problems! I just feel Im running out of time to make a decision im feeling unwell. 

How to beat this?

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    Beat an anxiety disorder? Yes I have, but you don't really... 'beat it'... you keep it in remission (no longer a problem, but it could come back). 

    How to have it in remission? You work with and learn from your psychologist who specializes in anxiety (a self help group could be included too). They teach you techniques both physical and reduce your anxiety/ fear/ a size that can be managed. It's gradual, it takes time....2-4 years, but it's a process and generally you get a little better all the time.

    You say you don't want drugs...but they can be very useful especially at 1st, they're never the main way, but a 'back up'/ for emergencies/ and early on when you still have physical symptoms. 

    It's hard to tell someone with heart night heart racing/ high BP/ chest tightness/ crying jags to chill for 2-4 years till the therapy pays off. I'd try the drugs if I were you to get the physical symptoms down for 3-6 months, but only with a psychologist in place 1st and along.

    Shop for a psychologist who specializes in anxiety (there's tons), it's not price/ insurance your after, but someone who is good and you 'click' with.

    Paroextine is a anti depressant/ anti anxiety.

    Propranolol is only a medical drug for heart and high BP (are you sure you need this or are your heart rate/BP only caused by anxiety?). 

    For me it took about 1 year to get squared away medically, because never being sick in anyway, the medical establishment didn't know how to treat me. I came in with just the physical symptoms (much like yours), but I kept blabbing to them I think my midnight heart out of control, chest pains, belly cramps are from 'stress/anxiety in my life'. Finally they listened.

    I ended up with my troika...psychiatrist to prescribe psychological meds 1st year (only see once per year at holiday time now), my psychologist (once every other month, down from twice/ week at 1st), my MD who does my physical body and says, see I told you...nothing wrong with your heart/BP/ belly, but stress....still correct toady.

    Never forget a lot of people suffer what your suffering, it happened to me in my 50's but almost the same as you in your 30's. 


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