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Is this an incorrect thing to say?

We keep hearing the phrase "everyone is beautiful".I believe thats not factually true.Some people are more attractive than others and we should accept that.Some people look and some just dont.If beauty refers to physical attractiveness then no, not everyone is beautiful.Of course that doesn't mean that only good looking people are likable.Every single human being is likable to some person or another in some way or another and is worthy of love.

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  • Lili
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    Beauty, including physical attractiveness, is a matter of personal taste. That has always been the case.  What some people think is beautiful leaves me absolutely cold, and vice-versa.

    Leave it alone, dear.  No one's ever going to kneel down and accept your personal view of the subject. You're wasting your time and breath. There are far more significant issues and subjects to debate.

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