a huge bird swooped  in front of my car at night 3 times! sign from the universe  ? ?

okay so basically this is to all the people who believe in signs from the universe and kinda cool like psychic stuff. or like symbolizing lol idk but what does this mean??!! is this a sign of something  ?! 

3 times while driving there has been a huge bird kinda black ish kinda grey ish and it could be a hawk or something like that a big bird and they looked similar and swooped in front of my windshield at night! it’s weird what could it be a sign of ?!?

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  • Dubbs
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    1 month ago

    "Bird Signs? You want to plan a battle strategy using bird signs?" -Eric Bana as Hector from the movie Troy

    Sorry, couldn't resist throwing that in there. Lol

    Your experience seems a little unusual no doubt, but I can't be sure of any type of meaning that can be pulled from this. Hawks are symbolic (if it was indeed a hawk), but the symbol's meaning changes depending on what culture you're from. The type of bird is very important if you wish to derive any form of meaning. It MIGHT have been a hawk, it MIGHT have been a large crow, two different meanings. We'll go with Hawk, where the symbols aren't as dire:

    A hawk is generally a symbol of intuition and higher form of vision based on its exemplary eye sight.

    I think it's Egyptian where Hawks are deemed messengers from the spirit world.

    So it could mean the universe has a less for you to learn; or it could be a warning of some venture you're about to take saying "look beyond the practicalities", think further then your immediate insights.

    The hawk also swooped 3 times, this could just be to get your attention (as it clearly has), but you could also consider the symbolism of 3, the number of a Trinity: as for Catholicism (Father, Son and Holy Ghost); Hindu Trinity (Brahma, Krishna and Shiva); Egyptian (Osiris, Isis and Horus). Either one it means the order is coming from high up.

    Or the number could represent a time frame (3 years, 3 months?) Or the number of lessons that need to be learned as omens do.

    There's a lot of variables and omens are rarely ever straight forward, which is why they're usually only recognized for their significance after the fact.

    You might get multiple theories regarding this experience but there's no way to actually tell which one is right. Maybe you just gotta go with your gut... your intuition. 

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