Quick trip to Oregon- where to plant roots?

I am planning a trip to the west coast and will be spending about 3 days in Oregon. I know it is a large state with a lot of things to see. Where would you recommend to stay so that I am near enough to a few nature sights so that I don't have to be driving 5+ hours each day. 

I would ideally like to stay outside of a city that I could drive to, and spend the days visiting nature sights. 

Thank you!

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  • 1 month ago

    There's no place in Oregon where you'd be that far away from nature. I was in Portland a couple of years ago- downtown. We took a van tour of the wineries. It only took a few minutes to be out in the beautiful mountains. You might want to think about where you would feel most comfortable. Portland is known for being quite liberal, while rural Oregon is noted as the home of some very right wing survivalist groups. 

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