In Japan High School senior do not have senior dance, in USA it is called Proms Dance.  Did you when to your Proms Senior Dance??

Did you when to your High School Proms Senior Dance before you have finish your High School???

How much was you Prom Senior Dance tickets for single and couple???

If you went with your date, Who was your date and where did you eat at or spend the night of the dance together???

What was dress code for Proms Senior Dance for male and female student or partner???

Did you drive your self or do you hire a limo for Proms Senior Dance???

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    Yes.  Today it's very pricey.   Even in the late 60s it cost the guys  $20 to rent a tux and the girls were lucky if they found a gown for less than $30 - most were probably a lot more than that but I was on a budget.  It was definitely formal attire only and most of the girls wore their hair up.   The tickets were probably $50 per couple (to pay for the band, decorations, etc.)   I honestly don't remember much about it although I remember my dress and wrist corsage (roses)  and that my boyfriend had a light blue tux jacket. I'm sure there was some drinking involved as well as pot smoking.  I don't think we went out to dinner. Maybe dinner was included at the prom.    My boyfriend had a car so he picked me up.  I had to be home by midnight but some kids stayed up all night (and again on graduation night a few weeks later.)  Traditionally, some girl  ended up pregnant or a classmate died in a car accident.  Very sad.

      Some are held in rented halls/restaurants now  instead of the school gym.    A lot of people hire the limos.  The girls don't always wear the floor-length gowns now but it's still at least semi-formal. 

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    the UK was the same No Proms No Jocks in University No Pom Pom Girls

    No Homecoming anything By the Time we are 18 in the UK we try to be Grown Up

  • Edna
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    4 months ago

    When I was in high school, we had Junior/Senior Proms - a combined prom for members of the Junior and Senior classes.  

    I dated a boy from the next town. I attended Junior/Senior Proms at his school and at my school. I attended a total of 4 Junior/Senior Proms - one at his school and one at my school when we were both Juniors; one at his school and one at my school when we were both Seniors. 


    The Proms were free of charge for all members of the Junior or Senior class - there was no admission and no tickets were sold. Juniors and Seniors were the only people who could attend the Prom. You didn't have to have a "date" in order to attend the Prom. 


    Girls wore long or waltz-length formal dresses, and rhinestone necklaces and long rhinestone ear rings and high heels; boys wore their best dark dress suit and a tie, and his shoes were shined. Sometimes, a boy might buy a girl a corsage, and she wore it on her shoulder. A boy might buy a  boutonnière in same color as his date's dress, and he wore it in his lapel.   There was no "casual" dressing at a Prom - we were dressed to the teeth!! 


    A meal was not a part of the Prom.  If we wanted to eat something after the Prom was over, we usually went to a drive-in restaurant.  

    When the evening was over, the guy drove you home - we did NOT spend the night together. 


    A guy usually borrowed his parents' car for the evening, but a few guys had an old car of their own. The guy drove to your parents' home  and picked you up in his car. When the evening was over, he drove you back to your parents' home.

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     I did not went to Prom Dance, but I will go to dance with someone special in the future. Have a good day and take care. 

    Prom Dance tickets price was about $75 to near $100.

    Female and Male have dress code to be at the prom.

    It is very expensive to go to Prom Dance in High School.

    Have a good day and take care.

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  • rick
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    4 months ago

    We had a prom. I don't remember the cost. I do remember that my family couldn't afford it.

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    I did not go to prom when i was a senior.  I had just moved to a new school and i didn't even know what it was.

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    I did high school (called Secondary School here) in Canada.  We had a graduation party after we graduated.  I cannot remember how much it cost (it was back in 1977!).  There were regular school dances for all classes, but, no "proms," which is mostly an American thing.

    I wore a suit for the grad ceremony, and I think the party afterwards.  My dad gave me a ride to it, but, I walked home afterwards (at 8am!). It was about 5 miles (8km) or so.  I went by myself.  I had a girlfriend then, but, she was a fair bit younger than me, and as alcohol was expected to be at the party, she would not have been welcome at it, being too young.

    The fancy dress/limo thing is most from the USA.  We did not do any of that.

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