Where may this stock music have come from?

This song from a 2006 P&O Australia cruise CD really intrigues me - is it stock music or could it be taken from a various artists cd for the chill out/ lounge genre?

any thoughts??


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  • steve
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    4 weeks ago

    Neither SoundHound nor Shazam could identify the song.

    Since Production Music can be very difficult to identify, I would guess it's from an Australian Production Music Library (given the other details you've provided).

    If you really want to find out, you'll need to determine (and contact) who produced the CD for the details about the song.   Hopefully there are production credits on the CD cover --  otherwise I imagine you'd have to contact P&O Australia and hope they would give you the contact information (from someone within or hired to create the CD) that can help you out.

    Hopefully you'll get your question resolved, but I'd be surprised if they'd be willing to address your question.   It's sorta like searching for a needle in numerous hidden haystacks (since it's not clear which music library may have produced it).

    Maybe consider contacting APRA AMCOS Australia, Fable Music (Australia), Universal Production Music (Australia), Castle Music (APM), Media Sound (Australia), Audio Network (Australia), or look at the numerous Sound Libraries, Music Libraries or Stock Production Music on ProductionHub.      Hopefully they have their own music identification program to identify their own Production Music.

    • nicho0343 weeks agoReport

      Thanks for the really in depth advice - What genre would you classify this as? I just refer to it as chillout/lounge or some form of electronica.

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