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How could I be miserable in the military?

So I'm thinking about joining the active duty (full time) military.

People tell me things like

• You'll often be away from home

• You'll often be away from family

• You don't get paid much


Well here are the things though.

I don't even have a family.  In college you might be away from home as well as your family (especially during an abroad).

Even though I don't get paid much, I still get a rent-free home.  Free utilities (if i live on the base) and free water (if i live on the base).  I also get a free uniform and I get a GI bill of rights.  I also get great health, dental, and vision innsurance.  

So even though I might not get paid much money, I get other benefits to help SAVE money.

So what else in the military could be unpleasant (other than being in war).

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    1 month ago

    The worst part is being treated as free labor. Commanding General wants the leaves on the trees painted green guess what, you might find yourself painting tree leaves.

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