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Describe a time where you have experienced conflict with a colleague/parent and how did you deal with it?

I've recently finished my trainee ship in childcare and I'm going for an interview for a qualified childcare position. I'm worried they'll as this question, and I don't know how to answer it. I haven't really had any experience dealing with conflict at work, and I can't seem to think of any scenarios off the top of my head that I could just make up and use to answer this question. Any Ideas or help??

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    I'm a retired elem teacher. I've had plenty of experience with unhappy parents.  The main thing to remember is to " keep everyone calm".  Don't argue, act like you hear what they are saying, as they often just want to " be heard." if it's a situation that is touchy, be sure to get a 3rd person with all of you. the principal, or whomever is higher up.  You want a witness for sure.  Have the conversation in a place where you feel comfortable. If they start it in front of the kids, ask them to step outside.  Be respectful, and polite (even if you totally disagree with them )  That is to keep things relaxed and calm. 

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