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Name of a film in which women turn out to be aliens?

Film is black and white.  Think it's a British film.

Man gets married who gets promoted after some other scientist dies.

He's some kind of scientist.  One scientist has already made a discovery but dies just before being able to communicate it.

His boss comes to dinner.  We see a shot of his wife picking up the hot oven tray with bare hands and she only pretends to need the oven gloves when she is being watched.  Beacuse it turns out she is an alien.

The alien wife realises she loves her husband and tells him all about it.  She's now in trouble with her superiors in space and is killed by some kind of psychic noise storm although her husband tries to protect her by putting his arms around her.

Man goes back to work.  He realises that all women are involved and there is nothing he can do.  Turns out the secretary was involved in the death of his predecessor because he got too close to the truth.

Can anyone remember what this film is called?

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    Unearthly Stranger (1963). Dr. Mark Davidson (John Neville), a government scientist, meets a mysterious woman (Gabriella Licudi) and is married quickly despite knowing little of her past. His government superiors want to know more about his wife, especially certain strange attributes that suggest she may be more than she appears. When it turns out she actually does love her husband, they both become targets.

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