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I’m wondering why did the protesters didn’t  to a therapist or a psychiatrist wondering?

Because psychiatrist and therapist call really help the nation like America by using the techniques Do y’all  think so

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    Yes? lol sorry your wording was hard to read.  But if your asking if America would benefit as a whole from attending therapy and psychiatrists, then my answer is yes.  Humans in general have a lot of unique mental issues, and we would benefit greatly from having atleast a yearly checkup to make sure everything is okay.  If not, maybe a monthly checkup would be good.

    But we must be wary of quality.  Increasing the quantity of patients my hundreds of millions could decrease the quality of individual sessions greatly.  Low quality therapy creates the exact type of outcomes that therapy tries to solve in the first place.

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    Your sentence makes no sense.

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    well I like the answers I got here let's go I am laughing they even broke threw the drug stores that's crazy I'm a little bugged about this 

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    No, America would benefit from elimiting racism and racial privileges and whilst doing that, have a really long, hard think about their current laws regarding gun ownership.

    It is the COPS who need to have a psychiatric evaulaution before being allowed to do even training.

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    Mass psychosis isn't really something that's treatable.

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