Is north haven ct a nice place to live in? ?

Im thinking of moving with my husband not so sure though yet. my husband can transfer jobs.

Question though.. do you need a car or is it like NYC where you can easily hop ok the train or bus? My husband cannot drive due to Epilepsy and I never got my license. I was going to get it this year and then corona happened :/  

Oh and my husband works at an Amazon Fulfillment Center so he would have to transfer locations. :/

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  • 1 month ago

    You pretty much need a car.

    Currently, passenger trains don't stop in North Haven; the nearest place that you can get on or off a train is Wallingford to the north or New Haven to the south.  There is supposed to be a train station again someday, but only one, probably not near where you live (meaning you'd need to drive to get to the station), and service will be perhaps once an hour, nothing like the NYC subway.CT Transit runs some buses, but it's nothing like NYC.

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  • Andrew
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    1 month ago

    You can't live anywhere in the United States without a car besides a few places such as NYC, San Francisco, and a few other metro areas. But even in Boston or Philadelphia, Seattle or D C., without a car you're going to have a tough time living a full life. 

    Forget living in Connecticut if neither of you drives. Even living in a place like Stamford or Bridgeport would be impossible, never mind North Haven. 

    It wouldn't be a good idea to relocate to a place where you need a car if you are planning to learn to drive and don't currently own a vehicle. Not only would it take you some time before you'll be confident and skillful enough to function on the road, but you'd have to chauffeur your husband everywhere all the time, including back and forth to work. 

    It's true that there are cabs and Uber to get people where they need to go, but those services aren't as common as they are in larger metro areas and relying on them every day would be really difficult. Stay where you are. Under the circumstances relocating to a place like the one you're considering would be a bad idea. 

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