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Am I doing too little as a mother with a one month old?

I have a one month and two week old. I’ve taken him on one short hike, walks, sitting on pouch, rides. Last week I was moving so I was painting and moving furniture and decorating. So the Pass three days  I’ve pretty much been chilling with him. When he sleeps I sleep or I’ll tidying up a bit when he’s breastfeeding I’ll put on a tv show or movie to watch. That’s pretty much been what I’ve been doing these pass three days.

My mother thinks that I’m being “lazy” I’m like what else can I do with a one month old? Can’t exactly take him outside in the hot sun everyday I doubt that’s good for him. Plus I spent two who days moving by myself and paintings room ( 3 coats) by myself...

When my sons awake I do tummy time, I talk to him. I engage.

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    They're basically just hungry, pooping potatoes at that age. You're doing just fine. If anything I think you're taking on too much so soon after giving birth, but if you feel physically healed and rested enough to take hikes and move furniture and paint rooms, then have at it. Don't let ANYONE make you feel guilty for not doing "enough" as a mom, not even your own mom. Loving your baby and keeping him healthy, fed, and safe is absolutely enough.

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  • 1 month ago

    As a mum and grandma I would say you are doing what all new mums do, probably more because you just moved and busy painting etc

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