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Going to water park tomorrow and I’m extremely nervous because I’m chubby and have huge man boobs. ?

I’m 16 and I have had man boobs for quite a while now. All of these years I’ve just tried hiding them by wearing sweatshirts and even in the summer people would ask me why I’m wearing a sweatshirt, and I’d come up with some dumb excuse or just ignore them. My parents aren’t even aware that I’m insecure about my body and they still ask me why I wear a sweatshirt when it’s 70-80 degrees. Welp, tomorrow we’re going on a family trip to a water park which I should be super excited about, but I’m very very nervous. I thought of the idea of putting on a swim shirt, but it’s so tight it doesn’t even hide anything. I looked up multiple ways of how to get over this fear and not to care what anyone else thinks, but no matter what I do, the thoughts of people staring at me and whispering to their friends or spouses "yo, that kid has some serious man boobs" just keeps coming back and back. I honestly don’t know what to do anymore. I see a lot of overweight older people at pools and water parks but I rarely see any overweight kids or teens. I mostly just see scrawny skinny kids, so I have a feeling I’m really gonna stand out. Here is a picture. I had a side picture, but I guess you can’t post two.  

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    You have huge areolas.  You know from the front you don’t look that bad but you may have some breast tissue in there, a doctor can try to reverse it before surgery.  When i was a teen i didn’t take my shirt off a lot.  I mean i spent every day in the summer at the beach...with a sleeveless shirt and board shorts.  You should look at the rules of the water park to see what kinds of shirts are allowed, usually it’s just not cotton or call and ask them

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