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I thought baseball hats were for playing baseball, rappers wearing em? Is that wack?

I usually wear a du-rag or just keep the waves on swim. Maybe a Kango. But Baseball hats dont make sense cuz. Unless you Nelly and you match it with baseball gloves, or Ja Rule who used to walk around with a baseball bat. To make things worse these rap cats iz wearin em at night. The point of a hat is to block the sun. Aint no sun at night doe. Anywayz im not ranting, i was just wondering for your opinion that might change my mind.

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    Nah. It’s a classic look and it ain’t going away. There’s always gonna be rappers with fitted and snapbacks. It may be more old heads who rock it 

    but dudes from this era rock it too. 

    Oldskool cats: 

    Raiders- Ice Cube 

    Yankees- Jay Z 

    Dodgers- DJ Yella 

    Pirates- Chuck D 

    Tigers/Pistons- Proof from D12

    Some of my 2010s era favs:

    Yankees fitted - Dave East 

    Pirates fitted- Wiz Khalifa 

    Dodger Snapback- Kendrick 

    Bulls Snapback- a few underground drill artists outta Chitown 

    3 hat- Chance The Rapper 

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  • I’m from NY so the Yankee fitted and Nets Snapback is a huge piece of the outfit. I see more young kids without hats but I personally look good in hats so I wear them any chance I get. 

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  • 1 month ago

    No, it's not. Lots of people wear baseball caps.

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