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Why can't they make a crash proof car?

Either by the car's computer override automatically steering away from collisions, or by making a car indestructible?

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    1 month ago

    We did.  That is why they have driving exams. B4 you can get your license.     They assume that you do not want to CRASH & BURN.  The brain computer has been around a long time.

    Indestructible cars are called TANKS.  They roll slow and basically the same green grey color they always has been.  Noisy that you can't hear the 8 track stereo playing...and not cosy for the drive in movie because there is no side window you can't order from A&W in the parking lot. Bad fuel economy too like 5 gallons to the mile.

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  • 1 month ago

    Been attempted already.

    Self driving Tesla plowed into the top of an overturned big rig trailer because it did not recognize the shape.  Otherwise, the idea of steering away from collisions is a good one.

    An almost indestructible car was engineered decades ago.  It looked terrible, cost a million, and nobody wanted anything to do with it.  Even if it was beautiful, was normally priced, the auto industry would be killed in a few years.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    That may prove impossible.

    Suppose your cars is going at cruise speed on the highway. Then suddenly, right in front of you, on the passing lane, a truck has an axle breaking and in comes a set of wheel straight at you.

    Explain how the "override automatic steering" could account for that.

    Now, about the other silly suggestion: making cars indestructible.

    Ever heard of the M1A1 Abrams main battle tank? That thing weights over 60 tons, seats 4, sucks fuel like there is no tomorrow, and in not even completely indestructible yet. You want your car to weight that much?

    But suppose that there would be such a thing as an indestructible car.

    And you happen to be in an accident, say the road is at the base of a hill, and a large boulder just detached and fell right in front of your.

    Normally, cars have a crumple zone in the front that will absorb energy and decelerate the part of the car that is the passenger cabin. But your car is indestructible, so either it can magically pass through a 15 ton boulder, OR it will come to a dead stop in zero distance, and the passengers are hurled (thanks to inertia) and be converted to a nice flat decoration on whatever indestructible surface was ahead of them. Chance of survival: 0%

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