Has anyone received their wireless earbuds by NovaPlay yet?

So I decided it would be a good idea to order a pair of pink wireless earbuds. For some reason I decided it made complete sense to order a product promoted by Kylie Jenner without even doing my homework on how reliable the company was. It's been over a week and now all I have is a tracking website saying Fedex is still waiting to receive the product. Have any of you received these earbuds yet?

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  • 1 month ago

    Right now, a lot of shipments are being delayed by various problems. 

    Be patient and check the tracking once a day. 

    ONCE, not a hundred times. 



    As far as celebrity-endorsed products are concerned --- they are best avoided. 


    Celebrities rarely know ANYTHING about technology, chemistry, 

    or other matters related to what is being sold. 

    Normally, all they know is that a check will arrive, and that's all they want.  



    The best headphones and related items are made by companies 

    that have been in the business for at least thirty years. 

    It is easy to find out which brands those are.     


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