Did you know george floyd was a rapper from screwed up click?

Named after the legendary dj screw. If your a hip hop head and you dont understand why ppl are rioting and you have more a issue with them then the repeated killing of blacks then your not hip hop plz leave the culture and never come back. That goes for anybody screamin all lives matter or citing black on black violence as a excuse your not hip hop. I know most of the section at one point was like this and all call out names ccv, blank yall are frauds. You learned nothing from the music you love. You fav rappers 2pac???? Gimmie a break and u cant be black either

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  • blank
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    1 month ago

     I am not Black. I am White.

    And 2pac is my favroite Rapper because my cousin that introduced me to him wa stabbed years ago. Know your facts and stop judgeing people without knowing them. I am actually a very kind person.

    I also  support Black lives matter.

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