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What's my weight? ?

I weighed myself this morning and I was 14 stone 7 pounds, I weighed myself last night and I was 15 stone 3 lbs. I know there's a weight fluctuation and mine is generally 6lbs heavier in the evening after I eat as opposed to the morning before I eat. I'm about 9 weeks in on my weight loss journey, I wanted to go from 15 stone 9lbs to 14 stone 7lbs, so I weighed myself on a Wed night after I ate and weighed myself every Wednesday night at the same time I'm averaging a little over half a pound to a pound a week and I'm significantly leaner, so in that sense I'm on track, but as a goal I picked a sports star I liked who was the same height as me and said if I eat and train right, I'll get to their weight and I'll compare what my body looks like to there's at that point and see what I need to do then. But now I'm wondering which weight should I compare at, the morning or the evening? And don't worry it won't effe t my goals it's just as a matter of interest and a source of motivation for me at least. 

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    It honestly doesn't matter. Pick one and stick to it.  A couple of pounds one way or the other isn't going to make a difference in how you look once you're within a couple of pounds of your goal.  What will make a difference is not only fat loss but muscle development and body composition.  Professional athletes generally have very low body fat percentages compared to other people in the same height/weight range. You aren't going to look like Harry Kane or James Tomkins if your weight isn't mostly muscle.

    I'm not saying you need to do weight lifting or that you need to look like a Premier League player, but you will want to focus less on when to weigh yourself and more on getting some daily exercise while on this journey.

    Good luck.

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    The morning weight is the correct one especially after a poo. We hold water in our system during the day and this usually disappears overnight.

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