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Am I overreacting here or am I right on how I feel?

My friend and I were making a custom gokart. We agreed to split the costs 50/50 and to credit each other 50/50 (nobody takes more credit than the other person on it). So far he has spent $200 on metal for the frame in which he welded together, and my part was to spend my money on all the mechanical and engine components (which I did). So clearly when you make a gokart you have to weld the frame first before you install any axels or wheels and engine etc... so he welded the frame together, but went behind my back and posted him welding the frame saying he was making a custom gokart and it went viral and gained a bunch of followers from it. Am I wrong for getting mad at him for making an account with his name only and posting about it and taking full credit for it when I invested the same amount of money as him in the project? I even asked him if he can at least follow me on the account and change the name of the account so it can fit both of us since we're working on it 50/50 like we agreed in the beginning. He told me no he won't follow me and he doesn't want to change the name. I am not sure If I should now just tell him I am not interested in making the build because of him not giving me credit and I am afraid now in the future since he seems to have the problem of giving me credit now, what else does that translate to in him doing against me? What do you all think about what I should do? Am I right to get mad or am I overreacting? 

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