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Hematoma bump on forehead?

I have absolutely massive hematoma on my forehead. It's like a purple egg, little above my right eye and pressing my eyebrow down, maybe slightly forcing my eye to not open the whole way. Seriously, EGG sized. I knocked myself down like a toddler on a door frame when I went to bathroom in the middle of night.

Please, please, PLEASE how to make it disappear till Monday? I'm a girl, gotta work, and cannot possibly hide this.

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    4 weeks ago
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    From experience, I can confidentially tell you that the goose egg you have there will not be gone on Monday. By then it'll be more than just an egg, it's gonna be pretty swollen and sounds like you'll have a giant black eye.It sounds like your injury will stay there until a couple weeks after. It may swell shut but it'll open up in a few days. 

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  • Nicey8
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    4 weeks ago

    Hi, you have to see the doctor or visit the pharmacy for some over the counter medication.

    or try this traditional formula from my 85 year old mum's recipe: run an hard boiled egg over your forehead a few times per day.

    Bruising takes days or even a week to disappear. It is your wonderful body defence and immune mechanism at work.

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