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Sick pig getting better?

My pet mini pig has been sick the last 3 days

When we realized she was sick we tried feeding her or giving her water and she wouldn’t take either, she wouldn’t move

No nasal discharge or anything 

We got some penicillin and gave her some and hours later saw improvement.  She moved her head around a little and would sip at the water we gave her via syringe 

Today is her third day on the penicillin, she had some mucus coming out of her nose but we were able to hold her and she ate some food and blueberries, as well as drank about 24 oz of water

She was moving her head a lot more and almost trying to jump out of my lap to get the blueberries

To me she seems to be getting better but my mother is worried she is not and that her kidneys are failing because she didn’t pee right away after drinking all that water (I assumed she was just a little dehydrated)  

Additional information:  she is 2 years old (not spayed) 

We have another pig that is 4 (also not spayed) 

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    Probably not going to get any useful answers in the "cats" section.

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